Where can I buy Twee?!

I've been asked a few times recently where can I buy Twee from if I can't make one of the events I attend.

Well I am stocked in the following local shops...

Darvell's Bakery - In Chesham and Berkhamsted. http://darvellandsons.co.uk/

Hill Farm Barn - Northchurch Common - A fantastic cafe situated in a beautiful old barn. Well worth a visit! 

Dunsley Farm Shop and Tea Room - A great farm shop in Tring opposite Tesco offering a great selection of local produce.

Healthfare - Health food shop in Tring sells a range of Twee's beeswax candles. 

College Lake - A beautiful nature reserve run by BBOWT. Lovely shop and tea room too! http://www.bbowt.org.uk/collegelake

And you can always contact me at tweelife@hotmail.com and I will be happy to arrange local delivery. :)